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Tools & Resources

We believe in open and democratic science for everyone! Flies are one of the best model organism that can help transfer knowledge acquired from a research lab to the classroom setting. Some of the tools & resources to facilitate this are listed below. We will continue to update this space with more resources for the community. 

Protocol to measure aggressive behavior in Drosophila: Latest publication from our lab makes it easier for anyone with basic biology training to study this complex behavior in Drosophila. The protocol is geared towards classroom teaching, is easy to perform and utilizes commonly available lab-ware. See the full protocol here: Link

Check out an easy rig set up here-->​​


  • The fly protocol book: Experiments with Drosophila for Biology Courses; 1st Edn, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru (Edited by Prof. SC Lakhotia & Prof HA Ranganath).

​​       This book includes several classroom friendly protocols, download it- here

  • The Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC) compiled list of Drosophila protocols- link

  • 3D printed FLYPAD: Flypads are used to anaesthetize flies by evenly distributing CO2 for observation under the microscope. In the spirit of open and easy access to science, our lab has created a 3D printable design which can be made using PLA plastic. The top of the pad is made from porous filtered material which can be slid from the front and held in place with transparent tape and can be easily removed for cleaning/replacement. This is a cost effective solution as compared to commercially available flypads. If you are interested, please write to us for details.​​​​

Flypad 3D.png


  • Peer-reviewed Education Resources by GSA (link) 

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